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Welcome to Tomato and Health, an open access online resource centre providing the latest science and research on all categories of tomatoes and many types of tomato products and tomato-based foods.

This website is also an interactive online food and nutrition magazine focusing on promoting heart health nutrition and exploring ways to reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes.

You will find all kinds of materials here such as cooking videos, latest video news, food articles and fun learning resources for kids and for use by teachers. Please feel free to leave comments or send us new recipes.


Wholemeal pizza with olives, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil

Wholemeal pizza with olives, cherry tomatoes and…

Tomatoes linked again to a lower risk of heart disease

A new study of epidemiological data has once again suggested a link between lycopene consumption and a lower risk of…

Broadcast #5 - Prof. Kaisa Poutanen at the 8th Healthgrain IP workshop, November 2009

Dr. Mariette Gerber at the Tomato, Lycopene and...

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